Schorem, not an ordinary Hair-salon but a Barber-shop!
At 'Schorem's Haarsnijder en Barbier' in Rotterdam Leen, Bertus and their team transform every man to a real gentleman in the old-fashioned way.

“Every man with 2 cojones in his pants understand that in his life only three other men are supposed to tuch him, his physician, his taylor and his barber”, according to the Rotterdam barbers Leen en Bertus.

To my opinion Leen did a good job on me and I'm sure to go back there, If only for the Playboy and the beer instead of a girly magazine and a cup of coffee....
I'd been saving up my hair for it to be long enough for a greasy quiff but every time I ask the hairdressers to spare the quiff they didn't understand wat I was after....

So there you are, go find a barber that is able to cut you a quiff and a duck-tail!

Well, I found'm....