As you may know we try to use our radioshow to support social initiatives that are worthy of your attention. The first project we asked support for was; "Help Thomas naar Orlando", and this project has in the meantime come to a succesful conclusion.
The next project was for the gentlemen of "Roll en Rock", Four men with Duchenne's who have the idea to have one holiday in the South of France before the ilness ends their lives. Sadly Dennis has not been able to live the dream, but it looks like the others will go ontheir once in an lifetime trip on September 2 next. Their project has been so successful that they are now almost able to aquire a van which will allow other Duchenne patients to make a holiday trip as well!

Our latest project is for "Post voor Kanjers", an organization that coordinates mail (letters/cards) and other activities for terminally ill children. In our August 22 broadcast we will put this organization in the spotlight and we'll have an interview with the lady who took the initiative for this worthy cause.

Click <HERE> to find out more about this wonderful initiative!