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For our current project we support an initiative called "Post voor Kanjers", an organization that coordinates mail (letters/cards) and other activities for terminally ill children.

KANJER is a Dutch word that is hard to translate but means something like 'Awesome Person'.

By sending them mail (Postcards - Letters - Funny Pictures) with a personal message you can let them know they're not alone in their struggle and maybe even bring a smile to their faces!

If you want to make a difference in their lives make or buy a (couple of) card(s), make sure to start the text with "Dear Kanjer" and mail it/them to
the address below, and we'll make sure that your contribution will make one of the awesome Kanjers who receives your wishes forget about their situation and feel the love from an unexpected sender.....
Post Voor Kanjers
PO Box 4089
6803 EB Arnhem
The Netherlands
The address: